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Focus on “Leo Caillard”

Leo is an outstanding sculptor who has brought a unique touch to his work.   The techniques of yesteryear, an ancestral and eternal material (marble), a vision and a contemporary creativity, here is the component for a result quite astonishing, destabilizing. The artist makes us travel between divinities, mythologies and recent times. The senses sometimes become disturbed!

Focus on “Banksy”

Banksy's famous "Walled Off Hotel" is less and less accessible. Nevertheless, the emblematic work of this place is available here! The "Box Set", Banksy's official work, features one of his most famous visuals. The children swinging around a watchtower is printed on paper. The bottom part of the work represents a wall that is hand painted. Each piece has a unique touch of paint!

Focus on “Austin Lee”

For this edition of 20 bronze pieces, artist Austin Lee proceeded in several steps.   First, he made a sketch on his iPad. He then transformed this illustration into a three-dimensional printed object. The piece was then cast in bronze and painted by hand.   The artist often uses this technique in his works, which are filled with whimsical, imaginary creatures on gradient backgrounds.


Our selection of artworks reflects a generation of artists with varied talents
that we are fortunate to work with and to see the world marvel through their sensitivity.


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