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Franck Noto

The color, an essence, and the gesture, its engine. Franck Noto is the ambassador of a painting that freely descends the long roads of abstraction. Defying any idea of aesthetic stagnation, it is with rigor that he paints a work that synthesizes his diverse influences. A work that gives life to a unique and identifiable style.

Over a career spanning some twenty years, Franck Noto has indeed excelled in hyperrealism, to turn to a progressive decomposition of cubic style forms, letters of the alphabet and female curves. Master in this art of suggestion, he continues this abstract orientation until obtaining a meticulously purified rendering.


Whether he finds himself at the foot of a huge wall or in front of his canvases, the artist defies the laws of gravity by sweeping his supports with broad strokes reminiscent of the use of the barb, an unstoppable tool of the tagger to impose his presence. Visibly marked by the weight of the layers of paint that the walls of the wave-grounds support, Franck Noto inflicts in the same spirit the total covering of his surfaces by the superposition in strata of colors.

Behind each of these layers, the brush (or the spray can) seems to reveal or bury the manufacturing secrets meditated by this self-taught artist. Abandoning any idea of proportions, the lines meet the curves in a subtle play of contrasts, volumes and transparency. But talking about Franck Noto’s work is obviously accompanied by a discourse on color, an obsession with him. The artist conjugates colors like words, and gracefully spreads a structured visual language that is willingly sparkling. An identifiable, invigorating language.

Admitting a weakness for the most fluorescent colors, he reveals a remarkable search for color associations by working on gradients or chiaroscuro. Franck Noto borrows from the History of Art this gift of painting reality, by making the invisible visible.

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