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Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins is an American artist born in 1970 in Fairfax.

Mark Jenkins invests the city with sculptures on a human scale. A true expert in scenography, he creates disturbing encounters between his mannequins and passers-by. He seeks to question, provoke and disturb with sculptures whose attitude and movement are strikingly similar to a human being.

Installed in the public space, these striking and unusual stagings of human-clones do not fail to arouse amusement, anxiety, shock ... He considers that people's reactions are an integral part of the life cycle of his works: it is a question of creating a social experience of alteration of reality. But what is this woman doing on top of a building? What about that man lying in a puddle with colored balloons floating above him? Mark Jenkins' hyper-realistic installations are spectacular in their ability to make us hesitate between fiction and reality.

Mark Jenkins has installed site-specific works in major international cities such as New York, Rome, Philadelphia, Washington DC...

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