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The artist Dran was born in 1980, in Toulouse.

His love for art came to him when he was still very young and he decided to join the Beaux-Arts. But not being able to identify with the spirit of this school and feeling constantly out of step, this free-spirited artist finally ran away and found his fulfillment in street art, with the members of the DMV.

His artistic universe is halfway between softness and provocation, between violence and humor.

His characters face the harshness and absurdity of the world around them. Dran’s eye examines and analyzes contemporary society through a critical lens.

Recurring themes such as the environment, consumerism, politics and religion are dissected in his creations.

He uses a variety of techniques and media, including illustrations, drawings, stencils, lithographs, paintings, silkscreens and photographs. His work is famous for being used on commercially available cardboard.

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