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Thirsty Bstrd

Thirsty Bstrd is a French visual artist from Paris who uses spray paint, stencils, stickers and videos.

His work mainly consists of satirical commentaries on society, politics and consumerism, using powerful symbols and popular images and giving them a funny or strange aspect. The goal being to provoke and generate emotion.

From 2011 to 2015, he was the art director of his own Paris-based creative agency. In addition to his inventive corporate work, he has worked as a curator and organizer of numerous urban art exhibitions in Paris and Los Angeles, exhibiting his own art at every opportunity. His work is included in solo and group exhibitions and numerous collections in Paris, London, Singapore and the United States.

He has also attracted attention at several art auctions with great enthusiasm. His works, from stencils to stickers, can be seen by a global audience on the streets.

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