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Moses & Taps

In 2007, MOSES met TAPS and shortly after they formed the artist collective TOP SPRAYER.

Their first project was ambitious: to paint 1000 trains around the world in 1000 days, each using the other’s name. The results of this venture led not only to MOSES & TAPS’ first book, INTERNATIONAL TOPSPRAYER ™, the most commercially successful Graffiti book to date, but also to a change in the practice of law in favor of graffiti artists.

MOSES & TAPS are known for balancing the steady progress of graffiti with its conceptual strength. While most other urban artists want to please the crowd with consistent and aesthetically pleasing, yet harmless paintings, MOSES & TAPS are still not afraid to outrage.

The medium is the message and their messages are multiple. For this reason, MOSES & TAPS do not limit themselves to canvases, galleries or aerosol works, they incorporate both public space and public transportation in many of their works.

MOSES and TAPS are famous for their unique writing styles and their subsequent development into quasi-abstract works of art.

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