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Speedy Graphito

A pioneering avant-garde artist, recognized as one of the pioneers of the French Street'Art movement, Speedy Graphito is now internationally recognized as one of the major artists of his generation.

Since the beginning of the 80s, just after the free figuration, he impregnates the collective memory and the walls of Paris with the Graphito style by coloring them with his striking graphics. As prolific as he is inventive, Speedy uses all forms of expression - painting, sculpture, installation, photo or video - to create through his work and over the years a universal language impregnated with the spirit of the times.

Never ceasing to evolve and reinvent himself, his trademark is that of a joyful and profound art, often brightly colored, in which he playfully and ironically challenges our systems of perception. In this approach, he does not hesitate to appropriate and divert all the imagery of popular culture, superheroes, and even brands, thus carrying out a quasi-systematic deciphering of our collective unconscious.

The themes of childhood and death, always widely present, give his works a more autobiographical character, inspired by his peregrinations and his inner journeys. Speedy Graphito is a popular artist. It is the commission of the poster for "La Ruée vers l'Art" in 1985 by the Ministry of Culture that immediately gives him a wide recognition and a public notoriety.

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