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The idea of destroying something to create something new is such a beautiful thing to me. Destruction goes hand in hand with the lack of control I witness when pursuing new works and ideas. The squash paintings are made based on chance, items are destroyed to potentially become works of art and inspired by Yves Klein’s Anthropometry paintings and traditional Japanese printing method “Gyotaku”.

Nearly everyone on this earth has something sentimental to them from when they were a child especially in the western world and most of the time it’s in the form of a plush toy.

There comes a time when a lot of these people will decide it’s time to let go and move on with there life by getting rid of the plush. Capturing that feeling of childhood within my work feels so important to me from which I have noticed people wanting to name the painting after that special plush toy they had growing up. That inner child is still in all of us even if we like it or not. Nostalgia is what we need in our modern lives to keep going and holding onto the warmth and love of our past.

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