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Miaz Brothers

The Miaz Brothers are two Italian artists from Milan. Currently based in Valencia, the duo stands out for its unique contemporary style. The two brothers present a whole new approach to portraiture, using a "blurring" technique. Both artists paint their work with an airbrush, a miniature gun that allows for precise painting. Using the airbrush, the duo blurs each of the works.

"By dematerializing the lines, a substantial indeterminacy of the image is achieved, which avoids any immediate reaction and encourages the viewer to use mnemonic associations for their personal visual encoding."

Blurring the lines constitutes a real memorial and visual experience for the viewer. "It activates our consciousness, which forces the viewer to recognize and re-establish the limits of their own perception, to take back control of reality. The paintings invite us to always take considerable distance, to see the whole image. "

Highly visible, the Miaz Brothers have exhibited their work all over the world, from Los Angeles to Bogota, via Barcelona. They were featured on the cover of the New York Times Magazine last year.

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