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Born in 1977, in France. It is in a small town in the South of France near Avignon that graffiti started to make its way in his head. The teenager that he was then was bored to death in class. So he started to draw, first on his notebooks, then very quickly he started to write his name on each table of the classroom. He took a certain pleasure in seeing his name spread throughout his college at the time.

Very naturally he continued to spray-paint on all the walls of his city... Acting mainly at night, in total anonymity, wandering from street to street, looking for the ideal spot, the most envied... A first stay in Paris, followed by a second one in Los Angeles only confirm that graffiti will represent an important part of his life. It is at this time that he discovers the work of the one who will become Bom.k. It is the shock!

Their paths crossed and recrossed until Kan came to live in Paris in 2000. From there everything follows. He joins the DMV crew (Da Mental Vaporz) which was formed at the time by Bom.k and Iso, and they start to produce various walls and other collective paintings. Since then, Kan participates in many graffiti jams and exhibits his work in galleries in France and abroad with his crew (including to date : Bom.k | Iso | Jaw | Lime | Brusk | Sowat | Blo | Lek ).

Combining his passion for computer science, video and design with his traditional graffiti technique, Kan's name is used in a variety of ways, from flops to digital block letters, pixel art, graffiti frames, and dripping QR codes. At first, a series of dots hypnotizes the viewer, who suddenly forms a portrait, a familiar face looking you straight in the eyes. Who is watching who?

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