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Doze Green

Born in 1964 in New York, Doze Green is now an international presence on the urban art scene. Member of the famous breakdance crew The Rock Steady, he draws inspiration from his experiences to create his own style.

Metaphysical concepts and hip-hop culture characterize the universe of the one called the King of Characters. His first steps in graffiti, Doze Green owes them to the Rock Steady Crew, the breakdance collective of which he was a member. Pioneer in the hip-hop dance of the 70s, this group popularized breakdancing. Doze became known as a dancer above all.   During their travels he does not hesitate to take some bombs to mark the walls of the cities in which he dances. It is from 1974 that he really dedicates himself to graffiti and starts to cover trains and walls of the city of New York. The world of the break will undeniably influence his creations on trains, where he uses very quickly the emblematic figure of the B-boy.

Nicknamed The King of Characters by his peers, he is the perfect symbol of the intermingling of genres that hip-hop culture knew at the time. Unpublished in urban art, Doze Green's universe vacillates between metaphysical concepts impregnated with nature and his hip-hop heritage where man and movement are one.

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