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Brusk develops his creativity at an early age. A pencil in his hand, he spends his time time to scribble until his meeting with the graff and the Hip Hop in 1991.

Graduated from the school of fine arts of Saint Etienne, his work on the graff, becomes a completely atypical case for the faculty. He tames new techniques and techniques and approaches various mediums (photo, video, data processing), thus pushing its limits and opening new creative universes. The mastery of many tools, allows him to work as well the figurative, the abstraction, the realism or the purified graphics.

Brusk develops his approach on various supports, he is often brought to expose his work and to invest unusual places. His style developed over the years, combines a work calligraphy, in 3D, characters and scenes. The balance of his compositions is based on a subtle game of space management, voids and accumulations, materials, superimpositions of plans... He achieves an alchemy between different influences born of photography, comics, cinema cinema but also of his acuity to seize the urban aesthetics.

His will to transpose in other universes than the original one, leads him to work on textile to work on textile, furniture design, original packaging, objects, multi-media projects. media projects... Vizual Update.

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